*Private lessons are also available at the rate of $70.00 per hour.
 *Customized programs available
Membership Cost:  (Cost is for each member)

-Training Member:  $60.00 for 4 of any adult classes per  
  month.Take them in one week or spread them out. 

-Team Member:  $90.00 for all adult classes per month 
  (14-18 classes usually!)   ​Ask about making it $80.00!

-Junior BJJ & Kids BJJ:  $40.00 per monthly 3-4 class 
  sessions. Family Member discounts available.  

-Drop in $25.00 (Can be applied to the month if you are   
 a new student trying the class.)

Cash, check, or credit card accepted.  Recurring Payment through Automatic Withdrawl is encouraged.  Team Member and Family Member Discounts are available with sign-ups for Recurring Payment.                                                         

-Mon. No Gi classes focus on functional conditioning, technique, and lots of sparring.
  -Thurs. Basic Gi class is a Gi class with a focus on fundamentals, self-defense, functional exercises,
    drilling, and sparring.
  -Thurs. Kids BJJ classes focus on fun games to foster a love for the martial arts, bully defense    
    skills, and BJJ basics.  As students get older and more experienced they are exposed to more  
    self-defense and sport BJJ.  Attire is shorts and long sleeve for a student's first month, then gi        
    uniform Each age group is also broken up into groups based on skills, size and development.

-Sat. Intermediate & Advanced Gi class is for designed for Blue Belts and above   
  and stresses techniques.  It is open to all ranks like all of our classes.
Private Lessons (By Appointment)
Yoga: 7:15-8:30am
Private Lessons (By Appointment)
Yoga: 7:15-8:30am
Private Lessons (By Appointment)
L.E.O. Sessions Ad Hoc
Private Lessons (By Appointment)
5:30-6:15pm BJJ Juniors Ages 6-9 6:15-7:15 pm BJJ Kids Ages 10-15
Yoga: 9-10:30am, Now a Donation based offering! Suggested donation 5-10$
9:00-10:00 am BJJ Kids Int. & Advanced (Ages 12-16) Limited Enrollment
7:30-9:00 pm No-Gi BJJ (All Levels-Ages 16 through Adult )
Private Lessons (By Appointment)
Private Lessons (By Appointment)
7:30-9:00 pm Adult BJJ (All Levels-Ages 16 through Adult)
Private Lessons (By Appointment)
10:00 am-12:00 pm Int. & Advanced BJJ (All Levels may attend)
No Classes on Major Holidays