*Private lessons are also available at the rate of $70.00 per hour.
 *Customized programs available
Membership Cost:  (Cost is for each member)

-Training Member:  $70.00 for up to 4 of any adult classes per  
  month.Take them in one week or spread them out. 

-Team Member:  $100.00 for all adult classes per month 
  (14-18 classes usually!)   

-Junior BJJ & Kids BJJ:  $50.00 per monthly 3-4 class
  sessions. Family Member $10 discounts available.  

-Drop in $30.00 (Can be applied to the month if you are   
 a new student trying the class.) Contact us ahead of time for a free class if you are new to BJJ.

Cash, check, or credit card accepted.  Recurring Payment through Automatic Withdrawl is encouraged if using a card.

BJJGlobetrotters Members! Hello and welcome, we are a BJJ Globetrotter Affiliated Academy. Give us a shout if you are traveling our 

-Mon. No Gi classes focus on functional  
 conditioning, technique, and lots of sparring.  

-Mon. MMA classes focus on stand-up striking,  
 clinching, and take-downs with some grappling.  
 Students must be Team Members*.

-Wed. BJJ Basic/Inter. classes focus on functional conditioning, technique, and lots of sparring.

  -Thurs. Inter./Adv. Gi class is a Gi  
  class with a focus on fundamentals, self-  
  defense, functional exercises, drilling, and  

  -Thurs. Kids BJJ classes focus on fun games       to foster a love for the martial arts, bully 
   defense skills, and BJJ basics.  As students 
   get older and more experienced they are   
   exposed to more self-defense and sport BJJ.     

-Sat. Intermediate & Advanced Gi class is for designed for Blue Belts and above   
and stresses techniques.  It is open to all ranks like all of our classes.
Please call or email about classes on Major Holidays. 

Monday: Adult BJJ No/Gi  (7:30pm-9:00pm)
Tuesday:  Private Lessons
Wednesday: Adult BJJ Basic/Interm. (6:00-7:00 pm)
Thursday:  -Kids BJJ Sessions (5:00-5:45pm & 6:00-7:00pm)
                   -Adult BJJ Interm./Advanced (7:30-9:00pm)

Friday:  Private Lessons
Saturday:  Adult BJJ Interm./Advanced (10:00am-12:00pm)
Sunday: (Open mat by invite only)